The Ukrainian championship was started

Posted February 28, 2017

On February 25-26 the first stage of the Ukrainian rink bandy championship was held in Dnipro at Liodova arena. Four team participated in the tournament: BC Dnipro, "Rolery" Dnipro, "Regulators" Dnipro, "Jokery" (Dnipro, Kryviy Rih and Kharkiv).

Dnipro team got three victories without much efforts and has first position after the firts stage. In the last tour Rolery and Regulators played for the second position. Regulators was ahead after the first half 3:0, but Rolers took the initiative in the second half, they made the score equal and didn't realize two penalty shots. Rolers scored during the additional time and got the second position. Regulators has the third position, Jokery are fourth.

The best scorer after the firts stage is Dnipro team player Mykhailo Skalytskyi - 11 scores.

The second stage and the final are ahead.

Program of the Dnipro 9th channel about tournament.

Ukrainian teams at the World Championships 2017

Posted February 9, 2017

The World Championship B group was held since January 24 till January 28 in Trollhattan, Sweden. Ukrainian team started the championship in B1 group.

On January 24 at the first game our guys played with Mongolian team. This year three russian players played in Mongolian team, and that fact was decisive - Mongolia won 9:6.

On January 25 Ukrainian team player with the last championship finalist team of Hungary. Ukrainians scored first, but after that Hungarians took the initiative till the end of the match - 11:3.

The last robin round match was with team of Japan. Ukrainians seemed better in the first half, but referees didn't fix two goals, and Japan was ahead 2:1 after the first half. Japan was better in the second half and won 6:2.

Ukraine got the last position after the robin round and player with the Canadians - the winner of the B2 group and favourite of the championship. Ukrainian team played good during the first third of the match, but Canadians scored for two times in the end of the first half, and Ukrainian captain Andrey Markovichenko didn't realize penalty shot. Canadians got a victory after the second half 7:2.

Ukraine won in the last match 8:6 against Estonia and got the 5th position.

Details about participation of the Ukrainian team at the World Championship and match videos you can find in the our Facebook group.

The youth team played in Finnish Varkaus. The Y17 World Championship was held since February 2 till February 4. In robin round matches Ukrainian team lost to teams of Sweden and Norway. Last two matches for the 5th position Ukrainians played with team of Estonia. Every team won 1 game, but Estonians had better goals difference. So, Estonia has 5th position, Ukraine is 6th.

We thank to team partners - sports nutrition PowerPro and Brando commune.

Ukrainian team decided its line up

Posted January 2, 2017

The Ukrainian team line up to the World Championship 2017, that will be held in Trollhatten since 24th till 28th of January, is known. Details on the page National team

Regional competitions

Posted December 25 2016

Luhansk region championship is held in Severodonetsk. Two teams participate in the competition - Velogonshchyk and Veteran. 3 matches was held, Veteran won all matches - 9:6, 7:2 and 6:3. The best scorer is a Veteran's captain Vadym Vostrykov, he scored for 7 times.

Magnus Alm visited Ukraine

Posted December 18, 2016

Head coach of the Ukrainian team Magnus Alm participated in the training of candadates to the national team at the Dnipro Liodova arena on December 10-11. Candidates from Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region, Kyiv, Odesa and Severodonetsk took part in the training.
On Decemver 12 Magnus Alm with UBRF executive secretary Hennadii Babenko had meetings in Kyiv in the Ukrainian Ministery of youth and sports with heads of the departments and with media.

Photos of the training in Dnipro
Program at the 9th TV-channel of Dnipro
TRC Era sports news with program about Magnus Alm visit

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